World’s Greatest Dad?! AS IF!!

Posted on : 07-07-2011 | By : Toria1 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Tennessee


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This is David Crawford,
His wife likes to state that he is the World’s Greatest Dad. AS IF!! They like to play the Christian card and everything is perfect in their little world. He has the life…wife works and pays all the bills while he gets to sit home and play music or just do nothing at all….he has 6 kids total, 2 from each wife except for the first wife. He is a repeat cheater. So yes, married 4 times and history always repeating itself. He hasn’t paid Child Support in 5 years, hasn’t practiced his visitation rights, hasn’t bought school clothes, christmas/birthday presents in five years. Hasn’t paid health or dental insurance, hasn’t taken them on any family vacations and doesn’t remember to call them when it is their birthday. Thank goodness justice prevailed when they locked him up and made him pay $20,000 dollars to get out. Does this mean he has learned his lesson? I doubt it, but so glad to see that for once he spent 4 days in jail to think about it. I’m sure we will get to have another date in court in no time.

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