World’s worst father of the decade

Posted on : 31-05-2013 | By : lilymason143 | In : California, Deadbeat Dads


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Darith David Seng is a deadbeat father to both of his kids. He has a beautiful 8 year old daughter in Providence, R.I and a handsome baby boy in San Diego, CA. Yes he has 2 different baby mamas, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had another baby from another female in the future. He chooses not to call his daughter to see how she’s doing everyday. He rarely spends time with his son every chance he gets. He does sh** but smoke weed everyday and party for a living. He puts his useless friends and side-line hoes before his own kids && girlfriend. He has many alias. In providence, he’s known as “JoJo”. In San Diego, he goes by “Veetro”. He is the biggest liar anyone will ever meet. Do not trust this guy!!!! Do not sleep with this guy or you will be screwed! He clings on every female he’s been with and once he’s attach to you, he will never let go and make your life a living hell!

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