Worst dad ever. Gives new meaning to the term “sperm donor”!! RUN ladies, RUN

Posted on : 27-06-2011 | By : singlemom2 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Louisiana


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Kenneth Jerome Cooper is the worst dad and man on the planet. I have two children with him. I have not seen nor have I heard from him in years. He has not made any attempts to contact his children. I have contacted his mother, sister, and his current live in. No one helped. My oldest child is of age and wants to know where his father is. Children have a right to know where they come from. The women in his family hold him up when they know that he is wrong. Why do we as women do this. Maybe some of these men will “man up”, if we as women put a stop to this crap. Kenneth Jerome Cooper is a serious womanizer and is a total deadbeat dad. How can he sleep at night not knowing if his children have eaten for the day? It doesn’t look as if he has missed any meals, that is for sure! He has not called, seen, emailed, texted, IM, or anything as an attempt to contact his children. Ladies, if you see this LOSER, RUN!!!

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