York St Dead Beat

Posted on : 20-08-2011 | By : sashadiva27 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Pennsylvania


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James ‘humpty” Johnson and dead beat nigga who lives with his mother at his aunt house he is a clown a broke clown lying that he get money and he cant even take care of his kids he had 2 kids and one whi he was claiming wasnt his till he got back with tha babymomma now all of a sudden the kid is his..smh he is a degrace to the york st community a dead beat a wanksta he dont even own a car he does not own anything at all he stands on the block all day begging for cigarettes he is a broke scrub who lives off of his mother and whatever women dumb enough to take care of his ass he is also a women beater but when it comes to fighting men he is a coward…he talk all that tough stuff be he aint nothing…a chump who got sucka punched by another man and was crying like a litlle punk telling bol to fight his friend cause he was afraid..all i gotta say is ladies be careful he will juice you for your money a place to stay and he will steal you cellphone so becarefull ladies!!

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