A Deadbeat’s Karma – Devine Carama

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Hello my name is Devine Carama… I think my latest video is something the CrappyDads.com website would enjoy!

This is the first visual from my brand new album, No Child Left Behind. It’s a track called “A Deadbeat’s Karma” (produced by S&G Beatz) which tells a story of a deadbeat dad and the result of not being in his daughter’s life. Directed by Lance Meaux

Devine Carama’s Thoughts:

“I wanted to tell a story and paint a picture that would make deadbeat fathers think twice before taking the easy way out when dealing with an unexpected child on the way. I hope the shock value of the story sheds a little light on the affect fathers not being in the home can have on our community’s daughters.”

Order a physical copy of “No Child Left Behind” for $10 here!

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Ouch! What a powerful message this sends. LIKE!

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