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It’s been a whopping 2 days since was launched and we have already received our first contact from a true deadbeat dad. The following is a direct message sent from out contact page, enjoy, if you have the stomach.

“How about posting some stories on why some dads arent a part of their kids lives??Because thousands of women,or skanks, i should say. Use there kids as bargaining tools, to get money from there x spouses! I paid child support for years, then found out two of my 3 children werent even mine! But guess what ? The Anti Male Enforcement Program said Tough shit! I have too pay 2000 dollars to prove there not my kids! The whole program is a JOKE! The best solution is that these skanky women in our society need to keep there damn legs closed!! Most women have kids just so they can kick the man out, and then join MEP to get some money!!”

Well Mr. Deadbeat just so you know, your girl, woman, skank, or whatever you want to call her probably did not want to have a child for the money. Do you really think that she wanted her life to change in such a drastic way only for a few lousy dollars per month that she would end up spending on her child anyway. How does that benefit her “get rich quick” scheme? And for the record, if it were proven that you were NOT the father, you would NOT be paying any child support, unless you foolhardily signed a legal document agreeing to do so.

Readers this is a pure example of a true deadbeat dad that would like to personally blame every female for his own stupidity. Im forced to end this reply with, Mr. Deadbeat, your lucky we decided to post this anonymously.

We look forward to future contact from our readers, if anyone would like to comment on this submitted email, do so below!

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This is a joke by women for women. Stop F***ing them and you wont have to deal with thier s**t. Woman only want money. They have been taught that between thier legs is precious, starting at an early age. It will cost you. Please look the word b***h up in the dictionary or conkubine

I got on line,to see how I could get my child suppprt reduced and this came up. I’ve lost my job and cant afford to pay all of it per month. Im not a dead beat dad,and have shared parenting. Where does all this come from and hope that peaple have something better to do with there time like being a father or mother to their kids. That does not take money.

the men above are idiots saying all women are worried about is money well duh why should we be the only ones paying for our children? it took 2 to have the child and it takes 2 to pay for a child. men are the most selfish species on this planet they all need 2 get a grip and wake up! nothing in life is free you have to pay to play!!!

Please know the difference between their and there and they’re. You don’t even seem semi intelligent until you do.

Wow, when times get tough I wish I could go to court and ask a lawyer for him to change the cost of diapers and food and clothes the way these guys look for ways to be able to pay less for the children that they helped create.
Deadbeats can say whatever they want about me but in the end I am still able to look myself in the mirror at night knowing my kids know who I am, knowing my kids love me, and knowing I am not a coward and turned my back on them. The oppinion of someone who is ignorant enough to abandon their child means absolutely nothing to me. So enjoy your life, I will enjoy my children.

I couldn’t have said it better than Kari and Diana – well done ladies.

he got online to see if he could get his child support reduced and found this? lmao. my ex who is a deadbeat to the tune of 40 grand tried to reduce his child support and they increased it! why? because he spends no time with our children and there is such a thing as inflation! even if you can’t afford the child support they look at if you are an active part of the childs life that does count for something!

It sounds like these guys are doing nothing but whining about money but we seem to be the ones only getting knocked up for money… hmmm right! oh and check it out if you look up Randy in the dictionary Douche Bag is the description. Dumbass! Yea we had sex and got pregnant if only the tables were turned you all would be the ones creating a site like this. But regardless here is a thought… STEP UP TO THE PLATE BE A F’ING MAN AND BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN! What is wrong with you men. If I was your mother I would be whooping your a**. I bet you anything when these guys are trying to pick up women they whip out a picture of their children and/or talk about how proud they are of little Johnny or little Sally and then start talking trash on the baby momma’s and how it’s all their fault and that they can’t see their own children. So sad!

“And for the record, if it were proven that you were NOT the father, you would NOT be paying any child support, unless you foolhardily signed a legal document agreeing to do so.”

Just for the record, this is not true in all cases. I know here if you have a child born into a marriage and later divorce and the man finds out the kid is not his, he is still on the hook for child support because that man “acted” as the father. (Well duh, thought it was his kid.) It’s not fair and sucks, but it is possible for men to get screwed paying support for kids that aren’t theirs.

I know there are dead beats out there….dads AND moms. I really think it’s unfair to allow women to post their stories and not allow the dad to post his side because while some dads ARE deadbeats, there are some good guys out that just have crappy ex’s that lie and make seeing their kids impossible. (You wouldn’t believe how many times a woman will get a mere slap on the wrist when taken to court for contempt for not allowing visitation before a man actually gets to SEE his child.)

All of you ladies said it just like it is … I don’t understand men who won’t help care for & support their children, as Kari said in her post, it takes 2 to tango & … it is NOT cheap to feed & clothe a child & if men think women have children for the Child Support money need to think again, if they are capable of thinking. I am a widowed grandmother, on Social Security, raising one of my grandsons by myself, since he was 3, he will be 15 in November. His Crappy Dad Is $18,540.00 behind. His Mother pays her share every month!!!

John said-
“and hope that peaple have something better to do with there time like being a father or mother to their kids. That does not take money.”
Wow, you can be a mother or father without money? I’d like to know what community he lives in where people eat, get clothing, and shelter free?
I wonder how many days a week a custodial parent could skip meals and send their kids out naked or with dirty clothes and not be deemed “unfit”.
There definitely exists issues where non biological parents are held accountable for children they’ve been involved in raising, esp within marriage.
However that doesn’t compare to the thousands of loopholes that exist that let deadbeats evade child support for years racking up debt to their families in the tens, even hundreds of thousands.
There is no anti male agenda, it’s suppose to be a pro children agenda but it doesn’t work without publications like crappydads, because the system fails our children in pursuing deadbeats.
Crappy dads keep up the great work and custodial parents hang in there!

Wow… Mr. Deadbeat truly lives up to the stereotype. What about the relationship with the children? I only read about paying money but never any concern for the children. If he had raised them, why is it only about money? What about the RELATIONSHIP??? Honestly, it wouldn’t really matter to me if I were a man and had raised a child that I had thought to be my own. By this point, a love bond has been formed you can’t turn love on and off at the flick of a switch…

Anyone with the disrespect to call his ex-spouse and the mother of his children a “skank” is not good husband, father or man in general. He has major issues to begin with and needs to seek counseling. He certainly does not have the children’s best interests at heart and they are probably better off not having him around anyway.

Dallas, TX

maybe this guy shouldn’t get in between the legs of every girl who opens them.

just sayin’

Wow I feel so bad for the women that have to claim all of these deadbeat dads as their own sons! As far as getting pregnant to get rich HAHAHA, my son like many of the children of deadbeats was planned by both the deadbeat and me. I don’t get enough in child support, that is when I do get it to feed my son for a week, much less a month. As most real parents will tell you food is just the beginning, I also have to provide shelter, heat, water, transportation, health coverage, vision coverage including glasses/contacts, dental coverage including braces and dental hygiene products, personal hygiene products, school supplies, extracurricular activities money, clothes, under clothes, shoes and the list goes on and on. If your child happens to have any kind of disability that instantly creates a whole other list of responsibilities and expenses. No REAL parent would make any of the ridicules comments I have read on here.

I couldnt of put it better myself Monyodie. These deadbeat dont know what women go through just to raise kids in these hard times.
Props to all the single when out there raising their kids the best they can. I am fortunate not to fall into your situation, I have such a great husband that takes care of me and our 3 kids. He was always with them and when our oldest son had a baby we were very proud of for now ever thinking of leaving his responsibilties. To date his family is growing. My son is only 21 yrs old and more responsible then any deadbeat dad out there.

I would love to post a new DEADBEAT! How do I post and upload a photo! I am having trouble doing so!

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