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Posted on : 31-05-2010 | By : Crappy Dads | In : News


Due to the overwhelming deadbeat dad submissions we have decided to add a new feature to our website. You can now vote for a deadbeat dad and we will post a monthly deadbeat on our deadbeat of the month page.

Voting is easy, simply click the green up arrow to vote a deadbeat up and click the red down arrow to vote them down. These arrows are located right next to the deadbeat title or after the story. Yes thats right, you can vote a deadbeat down to give yours a better chance of winning. You can view the current votes in the column to the right or on our deadbeat of the month page.

Get all your friends involved to give your deadbeat dad the better chance of winning deadbeat of the month. Have fun and happy voting!

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It is a real shame that your page was removed from Facebook. There are so many more groups that do a lot of damage and are not only serving as an escape valve for mothers who don’t even need to fabricate lies since the truth is baffling and outrageous enough.

The group was growing at an amazing speed. It really is a shame, but I suppose it goes to show that it had a lot of men panicking and trying to quiet us down…it feels good when you think about it that way.
I think you should try to find a loophole in order to get all those thousands of mothers back in one page and give us all a place to finally vent out all our frustration with those who can completely empathize. Thank you

BTW…awesome voting feature.!Too bad I destroyed/deleted all the ones I had…will have to unblock him in order to get one I guess

It would be nice if the submitters could let us know where to submit info about there deadbeats. I am sure anyone googling these guys might stumble upon this web site and have info.

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