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“The Lee County (Ala.) Sheriff’s Department came up with an elaborate way to catch more than a dozen deadbeat parents: tell them to show up at a location in Opelika and claim tickets to this year’s Auburn-Alabama game. Operation “Iron Snare” didn’t round up all the suspects deputies were looking for, but it got quite a few. They mailed out over 140 letters for people with at least $10,000 of unpaid child support. It just goes to prove, in the state of Alabama, they’ll do anything, often without thinking about it…in order to get tickets to their version of a holy war.”

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Please get my ex-husband and father of my son: Joshua Todd Shaffer. He is in Lexington, TN and behind childsupport ($10,000.00 or more). I’m a struggling single mom that needs $ to help support our child whom he doesn’t take the time to see but he still exists.

please tell us how to get water from a stone!!! my daughters father lives in a town where he is best buddies with the cops, he owes over $31,000 and started working off the books, doesn’t file taxes. I guess he has learned all of the tricks these scumbags pull!!! Thanks for the help with the braces and yearbooks and school clothes, field trips, hobbies, sports, doctors etc….you get the picture!!

Somebody please report this guy I slept with last year Jesse Renda. He claims to be a great father but slept around n got genital warts annd other STDs and is spreading them all around Florida. He doesn’t pay child support for his son and tried to force the mother to get an abortion n abandoned her an made her do everything all alone while his mommy pays hiz bills. I know because I heard and saw him do it and call the baby a basterd and now the mom had to move far away to hide from him so that he wouldnt hurt her or the baby. He is a compulsive liar and will video tape you when you are drunk and passed out without telling you. He doesn’t care about anyone. this guy should rot in prison.

OMG what a horrible and misleading why to snare a person for lack of a payment(s). Geez isn’t there other methods??? Whether the guys has or hasn’t made child support payments, I am sure there is a more “professional” method and setting up such a fiasco with balloons and streamers – only in America!

@FAMILY ASSISTANCE your obviously all for coddling deadbeat dads! Wanna know what’s horrible and misleading? How about a man who promises you the moon and stars for you child and abandons them?!

I don’t care how those deadbeats who owe more then a grand get served,they bolted on there obligations! No child deserves to suffer because daddy doesn’t wanna grow a pair.

The custodial parent’s did try the “professional” way but scum like those guys cheat the system in order to not pay,so screw professional professional would be those scum bags going to court themselves and doing the right thing in the first place.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suckers! pay your child support!

Preach it Victorious! Family Assistance you are an idiot!

ANybody know how to write your story! I’m LOST!

sever them right jerks!!!!!

This is a great site! I have a Facebook page for dead-beats although it is not just limited to the dads it is also open to those dead-beat mothers too.

we need to support each other to get these dead-beats known for their lack of support.

I will gladly post links of this site.

That’s too funny! They disappear quick when they owe money but come sprinting when they think someone has something for them..

The only reason I don’t want my ex-husband arrested is because he is on garnishment and they will catch him eventually….He’s pissed because they found him in TN when he told them he was in Alabama and still in the military none the less.

I’ve been writing and writing….. email after email asking for my profile page of my sons father to be deleted and I have not gotten no responds! It was easy to put it up and get approved why is it so hard to be taken down? At a point in time I was mad and felt like he deserved to be placed on here. But he deserves his respect when he’s doing what a father needs to do for their child! I respect the site and feel like it’s a great thing that you have put together but at the same time when we want to remove a posting because the father has taken on his fatherly role we should be able to remove it as fast as it was placed on. I wonder how many ppl on this site knows for a fact that once you post someone on here there is no removing them if need? How many ppl didn’t read the fine line if the fine line was placed on anywhere on here!!!!!

I didnt have a problem getting my post taken off the site.

These dudes need to be in jail asap

LMBBO……..I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

@HY, not sure if you know this or not but NOTHING is ever taken off the internet….its just archived and why not just go back to the profile and say he has finally MAN up cause before he was a deadbeat, right? why do we women feel bad about what we do to them but it doesnt’ seem to bother them that they are not doing for their own cause if it did they would have done the right thing a long time ago. just my 2cents.

The reason these deadbeats gets by with this is because the system has failed all of us mothers trying to collect child support. In every state women are forced to be on welfare to keep food on the table for their children. I live in Illinois and when I do go to court nothing happens. For 18 years nothing has happened and I am sick of it. Every Mother that is owed child support needs to join the band wagon snd start sending emails to your governor, state rep., ect. Do it everyday let the world know that the laws are not being enforced in the state you live in. Pickit the courthouse let everyone know you are fed up with it and you demand something to be done. Start a group start going to your County boards, state boards meetings. Make your apperance known to everyone there and make your voice be heard. Let the world know you are fed up with these judges not following the laws that have been set. Demand your payments. Demand that these deadbeats be taken off the streets and jailed. Because someone will come bail them out sooner or later and that money will go towards your case.It is time for all of us to come together as one and force the states to do what is right.

And for KaitBait…. you need mental help fast. You stated in your post that this man has std’s so that would mean you do too. and for you to post that he video taped you while you was passed out how fucking childish of you. You made yourself look like a complete worthless mother. Grow up !!! There is women in this world trying to collect child support and for you, you sound as if you should of kept your legs closed. you make me sick. To be so fucking childish and to post you childish lame ass shit on here only made you look so fucking stupid you dumb fuck.. God it’s people like you that piss me fucking off. Kids having Kids and there should be laws against that too.


Sometimes its the only way…I have been going after my ex for 7 yrs and have got a total of about $200…he was always drinking or on drugs and had plenty of money for that….hadnt seen his kids in 7yrs..then when he says hes clean and sober I let him have another chance with the kids…and within a year he has screwed that up already…and found out this whole last year of claiming a bad back injury from falling out of a tree…hes been working the whole time…They had cancelled his child support for lack of being able to work….So papers are BACK in the works…JERK HIS NAME IS Michael Christopher McGuire..12/19/1974 lives in Apollo Beach Florida. After talking to our 14 yr daughter the way he did and leaving them alone when he was supposed to doing thanksgiving week with them and showed up at 2am…saying he took a pain pill and fell asleep at his friends..i doubt they want to see him ever again. But if he can afford a new house,get married, drugs,beer etc he can afford to at least help our kids with clothes,school stuff etc….

OH and he owes more than 38,000 to all three kids(one is 19 now)

Yes, agree that sometimes it is the only way,

….and these deadbeats would not be on this site if it weren’t for their criminal behavior against their own flesh and blood children, these scuzbags will always have some excuse for not helping with their child’s basic needs, like the deadbeat daddy (Joe Saenz) of my five year old son these “dads” will never be without their drugs and many other luxuries they deem more important than their kid’s health and well being,
the “father “of my child thumbed his nose at a pitifully small amount of child support he was court ordered to pay,
he lives in a small town where he is a “local celebrity” he manipulates the law enforcement of that town, he was a teacher at the local high school, he seduced/had sex with a student of his back in 1995-96 yet only had his teaching license revoked,
he to this day blames his victim just like he beats on the mother of his child yet never spends a day in jail.
“the law” is on his side since many of his victims are too intimidated to speak up, his own brother
who was in law enforcement helps him harass the women he has victimized by stalking them.

he has a bloated arrogance that he is somehow above the law and can use the law to further bully and victimize
,he like all the other deadbeat rats on this site turns around and whines about being the “victim”
he went out and bought himself another horse, always has his marijuana and crack cocaine
his “dates” he has to pay for off of sites like “” and “” being a sex addict with no conscience he will lie,lie,lie
am preparing to take him to court since he is in contempt of the support order, know i will face him lying and threatening us again, yet am certain justice will win, he will eventually be held accountable for his abuse of the system and his child.

Mick Helmel needs to be on here. He owes over $12,000. His girlfriend Melissa loves to date deadbeats & loves to sleep with married men. She’s such a hoe!!!!

Put Mick helmel in prison!!!!!

Mick Helmel lied on his job resume online. He says he’s a strategic talent coordinator for Bentriangle Presentations, but that place does not exist & never has, only in his sick, twisted & warped mind! He has bipolar, narcisstic behavior, personality disorder & schizophrenia. He’s loud all the time, yells & screams & has been destroying property in Santa Cruz. The police have been looking for him. If you see him turn him in. Not only is he a deadbeat, but he has other mental illnesses as well. He also has a sexually transmitted disease, probably caught it from Melissa.

LADIES TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY. The man who fathered your children didn’t just start drinking or taking drugs. He didn’t suddenly start having an unstable career or being a little bit of a dreamer, or having trouble with faithfulness. You KNEW those things when you had children with him.

Put yourself in HIS SHOES for a moment. He may be struggling with his own demons. The women on this board want to have children, whether in or out of wedlock, and have NO RESPONSIBILITY for their decisions. Before entering the relationship did you take responsibility for thoroughly vetting your prospective mate? He may have believed he was something he wasn’t. He may not’ve been ready to be a father. It was your responsibility to use your head, to make up your own damned mind and live with the consequences. Yet even now you continue to insist on your right to “follow your heart”. It was YOU who chose not to exercise your good judgement. Now afterwards you want to hold him solely responsible for the way YOUR life turned out.

The women here may also want to escape any LIABILITY for upholding their end of what is essentially a RELATIONSHIP CONTRACT. During the relationship did you keep up your end of the bargain? You say you don’t want to cook for any man, you don’t want to keep his house clean, or his children well cared for. You don’t want to give him respect in his own home. You only want to service his sexual needs at your whim and then feel free to give your sex to other men. Guess what? The answer may be no.

This country’s feminized value system may say its appropriate for you to demonize your children’s father in front of them and the whole world on the internet as you have, but consider the effect on your children. You understand the benefit to a child’s soul of showing charity to strangers in need, so how can you justify teaching a child to not to look past the shortcomings of their other parent and to find some way to appreciate them unconditionally? How can it help a child’s self esteem to tell them their parent doesn’t love them? You as an adult are in effect telling your child they’re unlovable. Children can’t protect themselves against such constant criticism from an adult. It gets in their heads and defines who they are. Is that who you want your child to be?

So you chose this path, and after it didn’t work out, rather than taking responsibility for finding a graceful compromise you went and got the entire might of the family court to attack your ex and work him over. With odds in the justice system stacked heavily against men, you probably had no trouble beating him in court. You believe the fact the judge agreed with you means that justice was on your side. OJ says the same thing. But who cares anyways? Now you can slander him online.

The feminized family court laws may say its fair for you to take all his money regardless of what financial condition he’s in. Well America has always had unjust laws and there have always been people who’ve resisted them. You put him in a situation where his back was against the wall and he had to decide between on the one hand taking whatever active role in supporting and nurturing his kids that he’s capable of, or on the other hand escaping persecution from the government. Think of your kids and don’t put him in that position.

The situation you all are in comes down to a problem of a lack of RESPONSIBILITY combined with a sense of ENTITLEMENT. You refuse to take any responsibility for choosing a man, for choosing to have children with him, for not upholding your end of the bargain in the relationship to keep him upholding his, and then after the relationship is over you feel you are entitled to have him take care of you and your children with no right to a relationship with the children and no say in the children’s upbringing.

You are looking for Captain Save a Ho. Real men want something back for taking care of you. Real men want to have a say in the lives of their own children. Guess what? Any dude trying to come off like he doesn’t is probably playing you. So keep talking back when your man asks you to get him a sandwich. Keep being manipulative when he wants a little tail. Keep denying visitation or turning the kids against him. You’re teaching your sons that investing in a woman and in a family isn’t worth it because it can be taken away at any time. You’re teaching your daughters to behave irresponsibly in a relationship and to expect to be taken care of. You’re teaching them to find the same type of dude you’re bawling about on this board. The one who introduces himself as Captain Save a Ho but in the end has more women and does less to support them than Don the Magic Juan.


fuuuuuuuuck yooooooooou.

What are you Dr. Phil of the dead beats? STFU

My take on this as a person who is not receiving child support. Jail should be a last resort. I think that the state needs to get out of the child support business. In some states they take a cut of YOUR child support. That percentage or fee the state charges for past due support can be up to $300! I don’t want the state getting any of my money, not once but TWICE because of fees and taxes. Some cases should be allowed to go to Civil Court and the suing parents should be able to put liens on property. Again jail should be a LAST resort.

Anyways here is the story of this non-support paying ‘man’ named Ton Timmons. I’m hoping that this will gain traction and this ‘upstanding’ man will start paying what he owes.
Tondelayo (Ton) Desean Timmons lives in Towson Maryland, works for the state Comptroller, gets disability from the VA and Social Security, and has a side business with his spouse. But he can’t seem to come up off some child support. Not only does he have 4 children with his wife, two born AFTER he had two outside his marriage making him the father of a total of 6 children.
Don’t get me started on my official state of residence who claimed they couldn’t find him… when I could in less than 1 hour. Anyway… I’m going to continue on this crusade to expose this fraud for what he’s not doing for all of his children.


Dear deadbeat wives, I am proud to be a deadbeat dad. I crap on your justice system and in the mouths of family court judges. My ex wife is still waiting for support. I am $125,000 in the arreas. So what are you going to do about it? You garnished my wages, revoked my driver’s license (like owing child support would make me a horrible driver), went after my (empty) brokerage account, garnished my (balance due) tax refunds, and revoked my passport.

I beat you on all fronts. I have a second passport, I live in a great country, I have a well respected job, I don’t even need a driver’s license to drive, I file my tax returns with balance due. I laugh at your stupidity, your impotent system, and at your unjust laws.

Here’s some help for my fellow deadbeats:
Call the IRS and get your EIN (Employee Identification Number). Any taxpayer can get one.
Once you have it, use it to open a business checking account under a business name. You’ll have to pay a little bit every month, but your peace of mind is worth it.

And try to get a second passport. The Philippines are easy about getting a second citizenship, but you can also flat out buy a passport for about $1,000. In Thailand, you can get a teaching job very quickly if you have a degree. The beer is cold, the weather is nice and the ladies are easy. But remember, don’t take your passport to the US Consulate for ANYTHING, or they’ll cancel it.

Good Luck

I even

Just pay your child support. Really.. how hard is that?!

Never pay under duress, threat of jail and all the other punitive measures.

The more men stand up against the system, the sooner the system will collapse.

The unfairness of the child support system is its biggest enemy.

This is a form of enslavement, and we all know that slavery was done with time ago.

Men who are smart keep separate bank accounts from their wives, separate credit cards. Hold them in secret, because when the day comes and your wife decides to be 100% mommy and 0% wife, and kicks your ass out of the house, at least you’ll have some money to help you rebound.

Don’t spend money on lawyers – you’ll lose one way or another. Move away, far far away – Canada, Mexico, even Alaska. And if you own your own business, or are self-employed, there is nothing the child support collectors can do to garnish your wages or bank accounts.

Wow Jack Boot, your Kids are so lacking in LOVE and Respect. Just very sad, I can’t hate you, you are too vaccant of a person to hate. I feel amazing pity for your children. One day you will open the door and they will be on the other side. What will you say then? Wow, I am saddened by you selfishness. Child support is not needed if you care for your kids. If you buy clothing, food, share care, basic needs and spilt everything. It seems you cannot even do that. If you are far away then you are far away from the children. I have supported my child completely by myself since he was 3. He is a teenager. I dare you to spew your crap at him. At 15 he is more of a man than you. Trust me he thinks his Father is a pathetic waste of space and I never take bad about his father. Speaking bad about his father eventhough he has not bothered to be a father would be a selfserving act and cruel. He is a smart kid he knows his Dad is not a good guy. My son’s Dad has many issues but He is still no even close to being as fucked up as you. Good Luck With your Selfish Life, Karma is a Bitch though!

thewholetruth or rather the warpedtruth. I am not sure what happened in you childhood but I think Jerry Springer must be on speed dial??? Although I am tempted to debate you point by point… I just don’t do crazy. Since you are a little to crackers to understand that statement; what I mean is you are too insane to understand a logical argument. I would say medication should be freely available to you.

PLEASE take my submission down, have asked for over a year for you to remove, no response, although this site does a lot of good exposing deadbeats, making them accountable for their failures as “dads” it is scary that after one year you will not even respond to the many emails sent asking to remove the submission, be careful all other parents dealing w/ deadbeats, DO NOT POST ON HERE if you might for your child’s privacy/safety it taken down in the future,the site owners do not give a damn.

SO GLAD TO SEE THIS HAPPEN. To many parents, not just fathers, not taking care of the children they brought into this world.

if anyone is feeling sorry for these guys dont – they lie and promise the moon and everything under the sun I was engaged to be married and as soon as he found out I was pregnant its like he never new me at all now im a whore a slut and he denies ever being with me.

He has a new gf and left me pregnant without power and than I was in the street i had to beg a friend to come stay with her for a month and i had to get the help of others just to afford to pay bills i am 7 months pregnant and have no idea what im gonna do when the babys born as I will be out of work for the last month and six weeks with no way to pay my bills furthermore I have no exstra cash for baby stuff I live pay check to paycheck as as single mom barely getting bye.

He hasnt been to one doctors appointment or even attempted to be a father. He plans on trying to skip out on child support from what he told me.

PLEASE remove the submission for my child’s privacy,
our child support issue has been resolved, other people can submit their issues apart from child support to yours or other appropriate sites my son is upset about this so PLEASE take my submission down!

Have tried over 30+ times , NO RESPONSE from the site owners,
They are exploiting frustrated parents who’s children are impacted by a deadbeat parent, The owners of this site DO NOT GIVE A DAMN , they know people post on here in the moment when they are feeling helpless,angry and without a voice.
The site owners/moderators of use that,since they make sure the parent posting has NO VOICE when it comes to REMOVING the post, that is wrong and exploitative!
asked politely many times over,is it going to take a child being hurt by seeing an old post LONG after it’s been resolved and feeling hurt,depressed, well,if that’s the case,IT’S ALREADY HAPPENED,YES now have to go the legal route since is already aware of the harm it’s refusal to respect a parent wanting their post taken
down, YES,sadly it was a mistake to post, your site needs to give us the control of deleting our posts once resolved,especially when it is affecting children!!
Your site turned from a resource into exploiting and hurting the child it was supposed to help,shame on you!
will expose contact/owner details if submission is not removed since you don’t give a damn about my child needing the post taken down for their privacy.
thank you.

You know what this is not helping you to be honest. Contact a lawyer or contact the domain vendor. No one made you post but he has the right to clear his name. This is the internet and no matter how mad I have been you notice that I never posted my ex’s name. You are not a victim, you chose to do what you did. I think you make women sound weak and whiney. Take action and stop whining about it!

Domain holders info

nope, not “weak” or “whiny”
yes you CAN be a strong woman,good mom yet make a mistake,and ACKNOWLEDGE you did.
i made a mistake.
may i ask how if you submitted your ex as a deadbeat how did you not post his name?
you enjoy judging others, thought this site was for outing deadbeats to get them to pay their child support, not hurting children after it is resolved, and i never claimed to be a victim,my actions in posting this has hurt my family. you sound like a very judgmental person and possibly one of the site owners.

No I am not an owner ??? nor I am I judmental. No I did not post my ex’s name I chose not to. I know that once anything is on the NET it stays. There are many other ways to correct problems and help your family. I was nice enough to do research on your behalf but instead of using that info you would rather bash. I guess each their own, I would rather try to solve a problem.

thank you for researching,

never bashed you, it is judgmental when you accuse another of being “weak + whiny”,”not a victim”

also only trying to solve an issue here, do not want to “bash” anyone custodial parent who has been so frustrated with the system and a deadbeat parent they felt last resort was to post to this site.

curious how you posted on this site if you did not identify your “deadbeat”,you have to give a name to submit a deadbeat, do you only comment on others postings?

since once child support issues ARE resolved which seemed like the main purpose of site, site owners will not delete, posters should have the ability to delete their postings if intent was for helping kids of deadbeat parents.


some “Dead Beat dads” as many like to say are that because of the “Dead Beat Mothers”you know the kinds of “Mothers” who keep the kids from the fathers & only think of their children as dollar signs or as a way to harass the fathers. A man can only be as good a father as he is allowed. I know a person who has received well over $40 thou from 05 to date..she has received medical payments,the man pays her lawyer,she takes him to court if he gets $8.00 behind. She has kept the children from the father for nearly three years now & refuses him any contact with the children. Although he doesnt see his children he sends cards,letters,emails,gifts,and has hospitalization & life insurance on his kids. Before he and the former wife were divorced he paid her $600 a month cash for support before an order was set,when they went to court she lied and said he didnt pay her a dime from 04-05. Even when he had proof he paid it the judge said it didnt count & he was deemed liable for that years support in the amount of $10 thou. I spoke with this father,a family friend over the weekend ,he got several hate filled emails form the former wife ,one of which read”if you leave your wife & come back to me you can see your kids again” and another said “if you divorce & never remarry or see anyone again until the kids turn 18 you can see them” Some females make it hard for men to be the fathers they could be if given the chance.Yes child support is needed,but it is not every thing.I raised three boys with out the help of the father and didnt care,I knew I wouldnt get any child support,but as long as the dad made time for his kids I was happy with that..why cause drama. I mean come on..i read so many comments by females about how sorry their baby daddy is ,that he hs so many kids by other females,etc…you knew what he was like,you decided to get pregnant ,I am not saying do it all on your own but do try to be adults and talk things through.You get more by being nice than you do by being hateful.hate just pushes people put…and the following is something for those who have been slandered (digital defamation or libel.

With social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and gossip sites like Campus Gossip, it is getting easier and easier to ruin a regular person’s reputation with just a few keystrokes. While cyber bullying seems pretty harmless to most people, it is actually a serious legal problem.
When you post something online about another person that can ruin his/her reputation, you run the risk of being held liable for
What is exactly is defamation? It is any statement that can hurt a person’s reputation, it is false, injurious, published (meaning other people know) and it is unprivileged (it is not said in a deposition, in court chambers, etc).
Defamation is branched out into two other categories known as libel (which is any written statements that can be construed as defamation) and slander (which is any spoken statements that can be construed as defamation).
Digital defamation are any damaging statements that are posted online. Obviously, it is harder to trace digital defamation on anonymous posts, but there are plenty of recent lawsuits that show digital defamation is real. You can see just how anonymity does not protect you in a previous Injured post here.
According to the Hartford Courant, two former Yale Law School students just settled a digital defamation lawsuit. The students claimed that they had been defamed and threatened on the discussion site AutoAdmit by two dozen anonymous posters. The students were able to identify some of the posters and settle with them. One of the students harmed by these posts said that it cost her a legal internship.
On Good Morning America, model Liskula Cohen details her lawsuit where she had to sue Google in order to find out the identity of an anonymous blogger who wrote that she was “psychotic, lying, whoring … skank.” Cohen eventually was able to find out that the blogger was an acquaintance named Rosemary Port.
You can learn more about Liskula Cohen’s case in our previous Injured post here. , and about the countersuit threatened by Rosemary Port in in a this previous Injured post here.
Cohen, who described herself as a “serial monogamist” and has a “zero tolerance drug policy,” said the words were defamatory and harmful to her career. Prospective clients would question her about the blog and what she was doing in the photos, she says. You can check out her video about her ordeal at the link above for GMA.
These are just a few examples of how devastating and new this tort is. Here are some resources to ensure that you can protect yourself from the same kind of harm:
Related Resources:)use it to your advantage

Parentwhoever accused me for being selfish for not paying child support.

I feel compelled to respond to his accusations. Although he seems to be a good and responsible person, he is misguided about a lot of issues.

Issue #1 – I didn’t initiate divorce. I was away on deployment, sending $5,000 / month home every month.
I come back and I am sent directly to jail. Apparently, my ex thought it a good idea to have a husband’s money but without the obligation of caring for a husband. So she filed a restraining order, saying that “she is afraid the husband is coming home, and because he is Army, he is violent” . So judge gives her ex-parte restraining order, and I am thrown in jail for the sole reason of coming home from serving you, the people.

Three days later, problem sorted out. I am released from jail with $0.18 to my name, 10 PM, October, Tacoma, in just a t-shirt and a pair of pants.

Thanks to my parents, I made my way to their house and started to rebound.

Issue #2 – Woman files divorce, freezes all accounts against me, but not against her. So I can’t afford to hire a lawyer to protect my rights. Upon talking to a lawyer, I was advised to just roll over and play dead because I would never win, anyway.

Issue #3 – Judge imputes income based on past earnings, not current situation. I was unemployed, took a part-time school bus driver position. Check gets immediately garnished for 50%. Before the divorce is finalized, the judge declares I owe $33,000 in child support, plus $1,000 / month. WTF?

Issue #4 – No separation of property during divorce – the ex kept the kids, the house, all furniture, two vehicles and all savings. I got 0 after 10 years of marriage.

So, when I tell you that the system is corrupt, I do so based on facts that happened to me in person. Nobody better come and tell me that I did not maintain my family while we were a family. Once I am excluded, that support stops.

I feel anger for having to choose to live in a foreign country or try to find a job in this nasty economy, and if not, risk ending in jail. I feel anger for having my passport suspended. I am a US citizen, and by all rights, I am entitled to a passport. That created HUGE problems for me until I obtained a new citizenship.

One more thing I should mention, if you do not pay through the child support system, and instead you pay directly to the wife or children, it is to the judge as you didn’t pay at all. That is how the system makes some of its money, as a bonus % of collections from the federal government. So you pay a double whammy, not only you pay the child support, but your federal income taxes also go towards supporting the child support system. It’s like paying to get ass raped (when you don’t want it, of course).

So no payment under duress of prison. All men who pay through the child support system should stop doing it and rather pay your child directly.
Standard child support rate across the country. Social Security doesn’t pay you according to where you live, so neither should this child support.

Child support must be made deductible for tax purposes to the paying parent.

Custody games = no child support. No matter what any judge tells you they’re different issues, they’re not. If you don’t get to see the children, you don’t pay any child support.

Mother marries or gets a boyfriend – father figure for children, no child support from the original father.

And I’m getting sick of listing injustice after injustice.
A big F Y to those who leach on the working man.

While I had custody I gave my ex reprieve from the state and all I asked for was half of child care costs. Now that my son lives with himi get raked over by the court system. I can’t even survive, technically on the wages I receive. My child support is always current but I can’t afford to drive. He doesn’t work more than part time, he says because he has a bad back. I have cerebral palsy and have never complained. But I see sometimes where these guys are coming from. Once you’ve paid, unless you have a decent support system you can’t survive well enough to take care of your own obligations. I guess I feel pretty proud of myself I gave my loser a second chance on life, even of he didn’t deserve it. Proud of myself for paying too. I feel sorry for these guys. I realize some of them have a lot of money, many dont. After all that take, you kind of feel forced to find someone new, to make life a little easier but the court raping you doesn’t exactly put you in the mood for love. It’s all around ugly, but I can hold my head up high cause I was the one doing the right things.

While I had custody I gave my ex reprieve from the state and all I asked for was half of child care costs. Now that my son lives with himi get raked over by the court system. I can’t even survive, technically on the wages I receive. My child support is always current but I can’t afford to drive. That’s a big deal because if I didn’t have help I couldn’t see my son. He doesn’t work more than part time, he says because he has a bad back. I have cerebral palsy and have never complained. But I see sometimes where these guys are coming from. Once you’ve paid, unless you have a decent support system you can’t survive well enough to take care of your own obligations. I guess I feel pretty proud of myself I gave my loser a second chance on life, even of he didn’t deserve it. Proud of myself for paying too. I feel sorry for these guys. I realize some of them have a lot of money, many dont. After all that take, you kind of feel forced to find someone new, to make life a little easier but the court raping you doesn’t exactly put you in the mood for love. It’s all around ugly, but I can hold my head up high cause I was the one doing the right things.

Does anyone here have any knowledge about child support with one parent in Ca and the other in NC? I can’t afford a lawyer and I am struggling trying to locate the father of my son in Charlotte, NC. I have no contacts in Charlotte and for some reason Charlotte Child Support Office has not contacted my caseworker at all. It’s been over 2 years and still waiting for a reply from Charlotte. Any tips, tricks, ideas, or websites that can help will be greatly appreciated.

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